Thank you for taking an interest in OverflightStock, a contributor-centric, curated niche agency specializing in licensing aerial photography and footage. 

Our goal is simple: to build a globally significant collection of media captured from aerial platforms. We license to commercial and editorial clients worldwide. Being interested in high quality content in a variety of aerial subjects, from cityscapes, to lifestyle, to natural scenes and wildlife, we would be happy to review your work. 

We are passionate about building a truly unique collection of exclusive footage and images; a site that brings together the finest quality aerials available. More attractive to potential buyers, an aggregated site of cohesive content has many advantages. By possessing an extensive platform with a large selection of content we are able to reach a broader audience, giving your images and footage more exposure, and in turn, achieving more sales. 

Our intent is to populate a substantial portion of the library with quality, one-of-a-kind videos and photographs. To achieve this goal we are offering you higher percentages coupled with higher sale prices for content placed exclusively with OverflightStock.

If you own a collection of unique, high value footage shot from helicopters, drones or aircraft and believe that it deserves access only to the premium segment of the market, then there is no better time to join Overflightstock than now. If you want a stock sales option where you can keep your valuable material in a Rights Managed collection without worrying about massive dilution through subscription models, endless third party distributors, low licensing fees and percentages then we're what you're looking for.

We understand the investment you put into capturing your footage, as do our clients. They are the crème de la crème of the industry and expect only the best. 

We are committed to helping you increase your exposure, broaden your sales platform and generate more revenue.                        

Exclusive Agreement

Exclusivity refers to any image/clip or its similars uploaded to  Exclusive content or their similars cannot be distributed elsewhere by the contributor.

Exclusivity allows Overflightstock to seek the highest possible usage fees for your footage and stills. Perfect for people who are really busy and want to maintain value in their collection. All your content is placed in our highly respected Rights Managed collection and every sale is negotiated to take advantage this.

50% royalty to you on content placed exclusively with OverflightStock.

Non-exclusive Agreement

Overflightstock is not offering non-exclusive agreements at this time.

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