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Brilliant Sky London Bridges and River Thames

Overflightstock Driving POV Plates

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At the start of 2020 we're expanding our line of 9 angle driving plates. We now have our own proprietary rig that will be shooting plates in North America and Europe.

Driving POV Plates



TIME-LAPSE have a great site and can’t beat that “don’t got it, go get it attitude”

Carey Smith Co-Producer Post Production

The OA - Part II

All you need are a few more seconds of footage and you're all done - except you just can't seem to find the perfect clip. We're here for you. Our online collection is the go to place to start a search, but if we don't have it, we'll stream it out to our network of over 2000 aerial cinematographers worldwide allowing us unique access to a huge wealth of archival content. And if we can't find the footage on a hard drive, there is often someone close to the shot you need and happy to do a Quick Shoot for you.

The Quick Shoot service is not an assignment, all licensing of the footage shot is negotiated as stock. Depending on permits required or other incidental expenses a fee will apply. 

As a buyer or researcher of stock content we invite you to receive our regular emails highlighting current offers, show reels and new collections that have been uploaded.

We send out regular emails that feature real time requests from our clients for footage and photography they require.