Upload Instructions

Upload Instructions

Welcome to Overflightstock. Contributors are assigned a USER NAME and PASSWORD to gain access to the FTP Server and Web Uploader.  If you have forgotten, lost or haven't been issued these credentials please contact us.

Both the FTP and WEB UPLOADER use the same USER NAME and PASSWORD and upload to the same folder. 


FTP is the preferred method for uploading content.

Download a copy of a FTP client such as Fetch or FileZilla. They are drag and drop and you can view and manipulate folder structures quite easily. 

Enter your credentials as follows:

HOSTNAME:  uploads.overflightstock.com

USER NAME: The user name given. (Usually your first and last name)

PASSWORD: The password as provided to you.

PORT: 3000  (This is important)


Example of a Fetch sign in window.

File Zilla

Example of a FileZilla sign in window


The Web Uploader is a web based file transfer system. 


Web Uploader



Large submissions are often best sent in by hard drive. Contact us for shipping instructions.

Submission via Mega, WeTransfer, etc. are also welcome. 


Web wide indexing, the process where buyers are able to find content with a few relevant keywords, is an essential part of our process. Each image or clip becomes it's own separate web page and is indexed by all search engines. For web based searches, the caption title becomes the most important source of keywords.

Please review the Submissions Guidelines page for information about metadata requirements

Download a sample Numbers spreadsheet for metadata assignment

Download a sample Excel spreadsheet for metadata assignment

  • The minimum information required are place names and (what the viewer sees) the content. Any iconic or important feature should  be included. 

  • If the submission is very small OR only contains one subject, you can simply email the information to us. If the submission is larger or contains multiple scenes, a spreadsheet or CSV file is required.

  • Should you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.