Client Requests

Requests from Overflightstock Clients

Our clients regularly reach out to us for specific footage for their projects. If we have what they need in our collection, we immediately send a gallery of clips to them for review. Those requests are never made public and are the large percentage of our daily activity. This is why we recommend that contributors submit new material on a regular basis.

For the requests that we don't have footage for we post on our Facebook Group Overflightstock: Client Requests

We are searching for pre-existing B-roll that is part of an archive. You will need to sign an agreement in order for Overflightstock to be able to license your footage. We do not sell the copyright to the footage, it is always yours, but depending on the agreement, we will ask for exclusive rights to license your footage for the term of the agreement.

Some contributors will opt to shoot the footage on spec. This often results in good sales but this is not an assignment. We license stock footage and the client always has the last say. 

We'd love to get your footage. Go to the following page and fill in the short form to get started.