OPTION 2 Contributor Upload Information

If you're not already signed up as an Option2 contributor make a request here.

Welcome to Overflightstock. Option 2 allows you to submit your original unedited footage. This will save you great deal of time and allow you to enjoy your craft without having to learn all the nuances of stock site submissions. 

We look forward to working with you.

Footage Specs

4k, 6k or higher @ 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 60 FPS Progressive. 23.98 fps in our experience is the overall most asked for frame rate. Never transcode frame rates. 59.94 and 60 are the least useful unless the footage really does have SloMo possibilities. Most clips don't. 

HD (1920x1080) footage is accepted from your archives. Given advancements in technology everyone should be shooting 4k or higher.

Shoot the lowest ISO possible and accept that some drones won't produce good low light footage.

No audio tracks.

Clean Video. No Watermarks, No Titles, No Timestamps, No Transitions, No Black Frames, No Letterbox frames. 

Don't send proxies. In the end we'll need to have the highest quality version of the footage on our server. 

Avoid auto settings. AE and AWB too often lead to rejected footage. 


Upload Instructions

If you are making your first submission and have a large archive we recommend sending a hard drive with your footage. Geographic information is important so segment the material into folders that show where the footage was shot. Contact us for the shipping address and any other information you need about sorting the footage.

Credentials for signing onto the Overflightstock Web Uploader have be sent to you. If you're not sure, email us and we'll resend.

We also accept hard drives or we can download media off of your private cloud storage such as DropBox, WeTransfer, Google Drive etc.